Winter Seasonal!!! 2013

Posted on by NessAlla Team

  The Winter Solstice is upon us and so we begin the season when everything in nature goes into hibernation and retreats into itself.  Winter is also associated with the water element.  Like water we should go with the flow, but water also tends to freeze so we must be mindful to not get too rigid during this time of year.  It is time for more reflection, sleeping more, meditating and taking time to replenish our selves.  It is also time for us to change our seasonal kombucha.  Our winter brew tastes amazing!  Look for it on your favorite stores shelves starting this week,


Check out how these herbs can benefit you by researching somewhere else because we are now on the radar and the Government absolutely does NOT want anything to make any kind of claims that aren't tested, backed and researched, (and of course paid for). It is for your own protection of course. So arm yourself with knowledge!! We can't even post links to help get you started. The best place to start is to type in "health benefits of..." into Google.

So, this season eat plenty of warming foods, take time to reflect on yourself and your community. Exercise and slow down during the holidays.  And drink a tall glass of Nessalla Kombucha. Your body will thank you for it!